Improvement works were carried out

10/01/2015 22:31 Written Administrator

Hello dear readers, users have long suffered from the slow and cumbersome process. Dark-H 2015, we decided to hire a new server and upgraded one level as a management process whereby cheetah began to operate faster and more agile manner. Our only request you to click on the ads to support. Everything is for you, the users, thanks.


About fake records

14/12/2014 13:18 Written Administrator

Hi all, which records the same site a lot of times in recent weeks, "lamer" has appeared near people. We are deleting all the records on the site of the incident in which management Dark-H. So I would definitely recommend you to do such a thing. Regards.

We apologize for the downtime

18/05/2014 13:49 Written Administrator

Hello followers records to our site every day is rising excessively. Accordingly, our server feature is insufficient. In recent days, unfortunately, could not be activated. Our income is not necessarily for any optimizations on the script tried to resolve these difficulties by. We see that the slowness and downtime is still present but not as much as before. Everything you to our followers, blowing thick. Sincerely. has changed hands.

09/04/2014 14:45 Written Administrator

Hi everyone, we have been following for a long time, and we like having a mirror service "" We have purchased. All data has been reset unfortunately. After that, you can be sure the service will be absolutely seamless. Site-specific bar on the physical server is dedicated. Good day, new Management

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